Brilliant news. Our first app for iPad has been approved by Apple. We had heard many rumours about the highs & lows of this stage from other app developers!? But everything was smooth, quick and without hitch.

We worked closely with our brilliant coders at Conjure testing and retesting the numerous builds of the app – improving animation, artwork, timings, interactions and sound effects with every version; as well as squashing bugs that popped up along the way.

It was a long journey from the first build we nervously downloaded onto our iPad; to the moment when – wow – we had everything right, and we couldn’t get it to crash on either iPad 1, 2 or 3 – however fast we tapped, swiped and played!

Along the way we have learned terms such as “Release Candidate”, which is when you are getting very near and the app stops being a mere “Build” but a candidate ready for release!

Hippotrix iPad app, available 22nd September 2012, the first day of autumn or spring, depending on your hemisphere.