New Paper from Doctoral Researcher Ben Fletcher-Watson

New Paper!

As part of my ESRC-sponsored research with Hippotrix, I’ve written an article in the Scottish Journal of Performance about the making of White: the App. It includes several new behind-the-scenes images, as well as a discussion of the design process from Catherine Wheels’ initial brief through to testing with children and release. I also explore the impact of the Hippotrix digital toy format on the performativity of the show itself, meaning the ‘liveness’ of the experience. As children increasingly engage with books, art and other cultural forms via digital media like iPads, I’m interested in the ways in which the original live theatre event is affected and challenged by a tablet computer format. You can find the article here:

I’m now working with Hippotrix on several new apps for young children inspired by Scottish culture, and it’s fascinating to see how the new knowledge gained from the development of White: The App is shaping both the look and the feel of these fantastic experiences.