Gallery Open & Version 1.2 Available

hippo seasons screenshot from app store


Apple have just approved a new update to Hippo Seasons AND our Gallery is open for your snapshots!

The Gallery

We are very excited that our Hippotrix Gallery is live! The team would love you to send us your favourite snapshots created on Hippo Seasons. It is quite simple:

We like switching between each season to see what is possible and then going back to ‘all’

What’s New in Version 1.2

Hippo Seasons showing the new colours that you can select now in version 1.2

We’ve introduced two new colours in spring, and you can select one by tapping on the tiles. We kept random as a choice too, as children liked playing a “guess what colour comes next game”. It is more fun and the added control means you can create more elaborate designs. This was an idea from your feedback – so thank you!

As well as the artistic changes in spring. Some reviewers wanted the windmill (pinwheel) to be easier to stop & select a season, we have made some changes and think it is much better.

There are also some minor adjustments in autumn that make tapping more like real walking on leaves. Also changes to info page including direct-link to screenshot gallery on our website

Do visit the App Store and download version 1.2 and we look forward to your pictures and trust you enjoy the refresh 🙂