Hippo Seasons Launch

Hippotrix Launch Party: Simone welcome & thanksThe period leading up to launch has been wonderfully hectic with preparations on all the Hippotrix channels of communication (both on & off-line)

We completed and uploaded the wonderful video featuring our young testers in action, as well as the official Hippo Seasons trailer. We also continued with tweaks here, there & everywhere on all the usual suspects: ie. facebook, twitter, youtube.

There were also preparations for our launch party of course, including: getting wi-fi into our wonderful village hall and painting a huge Hippo banner 4m x 2m to adorn the wall.

Hippotrix launch party: bubbles fun!

And party we did!

The fizz flowed; we welcomed & thanked the team: Stephen, Conjure & Brian; as well as all the wee testers who had helped us develop the app. The children created artwork; we ate everything orange (even Wotsits & Fanta were allowed!). We had a mass download & everyone played on the app, especially those who hadn’t seen it before (in fact, at certain points there was a bit of a queue, and we could have done with more than eight iPads)

The kids danced amidst bubbles; we celebrated; and most importantly we launched Hippotrix into a splendidly sunny Scotland, and of course our first app Hippo Seasons was given a triumphant release for all to enjoy around the globe!

Launch Party: playing app for first time!

So, if you don’t already know about our Hippo Seasons App, it is now in the App Store and available to download for £1.99. Please do give us your feedback via our facebook page, or this website, as we are already looking to improve on what has been created. If you need any advice on using Hippo Seasons, do check the info page on the app and look through the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on this site.

We trust, given our initial feedback, that Hippo Seasons is going to be enjoyed by lots of people around the world. Hip Hippo Hoorah!