Hippo Seasons opening menu

Finally the answer to: “What is the first Hippotrix iPad app all about?”

We have spent the last 12 months developing an app for young children to explore the cycle of the four seasons. It is a gentle and beautiful app, providing a fun exploratory experience. It encourages two year olds and up to learn about spring, summer, autumn and winter, while playing, drawing patterns and experimenting with the ‘natural’ world.

Each scene is based around a season, mowing a lawn on a hot day, kicking fallen leaves, crunchy footprints in the snow, rolling a snow ball, splashing in puddles, planting spring bulbs and watching them grow….

There is no on-screen text or voice used (well except on our info page for parents) just beautiful imagery, delightful interactions, perfect animations and a beautiful soundscape from award winning composer Brian Cope.

This clip shows just the opening menu where you choose your season. We are currently putting together the full trailer video which will show off all you get to play with in each season!

Stay tuned.