Hippos at Holyrood

John Swinney MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney MSP talking about Hippotrix

I attended the Creative Collaborations conference last month with Jonathan and Ben, run by the Institute for Capitalising on Creativity at the University of St Andrews. The theme was industry-academia partnerships in Scotland, and featured a number of fascinating case studies across the creative industries.

Jonathan and Ben presented the new app project based on the hit show White by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, but the highlight of the day was the keynote address by Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney MSP, where he singled out Hippotrix for special mention. He even noted that his daily “chase the iPad” game with his toddler son would be made more interesting with Hippo Seasons as a new addition!

Mr Swinney went on to tell us in an encouraging letter that “We look forward to using the app!” and that he thought our venture was “fantastic”.

Letter from John Swinney

Fergus Ewing MSP

Jonathan from Hippotrix with Fergus Ewing MSP and other East Lothian companies

Today, Jonathan also met with Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism, at a more informal event organised by the East of Scotland Federation of Small Businesses.

The minister answered everyone’s questions, and there was even time for a bit of chat. He too has a young child (five) and an iPad, and is very happy to receive a link for our Hippo Seasons app. We’ll soon have the whole Scottish Government on board!