Inspirational apps

A few apps that have inspired us:
Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 15.23.36
Toca tea party created by TocaBoca has super gentle gameplay and was a very influential app for Hippotrix. Ben Fletcher Watson talks about it near the end of our blog post, and this shakeycam walkthrough gives a good representation of the actual experience, click to around 1m 50s to see how you clear the table and set a new one, as this gameplay (choosing your tablecloth etc) is great. Only available on iPad, and if you play it you will see why 🙂

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 15.13.31
Nightly Night is beautiful app that has resisted being converted into a vector based look. A simple app that delivers because it doesn’t try to hard. Download it if you are interested in where storytelling meets art in app development. Well done to the developers for updating (in 2020) available here Nighty Night (all platforms)

Publisher Nosy Crow recently pulled the plug on app development, their reasons flags the problems with the current app landscape (particularly for “book apps”) this video that explains how one of their apps, Red Riding, worked.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 15.12.59
Yatatoy push things a little further with impeccable, inventive, artistic apps. Try Loopimal if you are a grownup checking for design quality, or get Miximal if you have young children and want something cheaper (apps only available on iOS)

Naturally we believe Hippotrix apps offer great play experiences – if you haven’t looked yet, there is a list here. We have not managed to update HippoSeasons recently, however, take a look at our (overlong but) lush gameplay trailer to get the experience from spring through to winter.