Based on the smash hit children’s show

White:the App is a digital toy created in partnership with internationally acclaimed theatre company Catherine Wheels. Based on their award-winning show ‘White’ by Andy Manley. A playful and highly visual journey for the very young. White:the App invites you into an enchanting world where eggs fall from the sky and colours come to life. Extend the experience of the live show or just enjoy as a beautiful stand alone app.

Play time.

White:the App launched earlier this year while White:the Show played in Beverley Hills. The show has inspired the world’s first theatrical app for very young children and was developed with financial assistance of the Creative Scotland Innovation Fund.

Here Come The Eggs

The first scene introduces your child to the concept of cause-and-effect: try tapping an egg to slow it down or catch an egg by holding it, or swipe to zoom an egg across the screen. The cheeky Red Egg acts a surprise for children by affecting the other objects on the screen when it appears – you can grab and HOLD it, then when you make it touch the other eggs it will change their colour.

summer image

Look After The Eggs

This scene focuses on themes of caring and nurturing as your child takes care of the various eggs’ needs. Tap on the egg cups to make the eggs fall. The cheeky Red Egg is always last! Select from the menu by tapping to highlight a remedy. Pop a hat on a chilly egg, tickle a sad egg to cheer it up, or give a thirsty egg a straw to slurp through. Once the eggs have their woolly hats on, it’s time for a nap!

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Nap Time

Night has fallen in the world of ‘White’, and your child can play lilting music to soothe the eggs. Switch between beautiful piano and soft lullaby by opening and shutting the biggest birdbox


Wake Up Eggs

When morning comes, it’s time to party! Tap the birdboxes to create gorgeous combinations of colour and sound. Your child’s free play builds to a grand finale, but they can also go back and play any scene again to become familiar and comfortable with all the themes of ‘White’