Testing Testing iPads 1 2 3

A glimpse of a few of our young Hippotrix friends having a go and testing out “Hippo Seasons”. Testers included children from 18 months, but mostly in the 2yrs to 8yrs age bracket, both in Scotland and Germany. Although, I have to add that teenagers were always keen to have a go and adults too found their favourite comic or “mesmerising” scene!

Our own children have given reactions throughout all stages… however, it was an important step to take the app out to wider potential players. All those introduced to Hippo Seasons gave valuable feedback as we adjusted timings, altered designs and re-coded again and again.  The refined app is entertaining and educational and is intentionally open ended to allow for fun exploratory play.

Enjoy this short sequence documenting young users in action! A huge thanks to all involved from Hippotrix!