playing hippo seasons at SNAPWinners of the Hippotrix free code giveaway for Hippo Seasons were SNAP – which is a charity which helps children with special needs and their parents and is based in Essex, UK. They have been using the learning tool on their iPads in class and wanted to share the fun time the young people have been having…

Julia White, at SNAP said having been with the reception children while they explored Hippo Seasons “Plenty of opportunity for learning and the best thing is that they can’t do it wrong…it really works well for children with special needs, as they only have to touch the screen for something to happen and it is so rewarding!”

hippo seasons fun at SNAPWhile learning about the seasons and exploring the sensory delights these young children are exercising their fine motor skills. Excellent!

Do read our latest wonderful review from AppAble, a brilliant organisation who are ‘Trying to make the world of apps clearer for those with Special Needs’.

Mike Bolam, Photographer and Dad of Katy who has been playing Hippo Seasons, dropped us a line “Just a wee note to say how much Katy loves the App. This is exactly the type of thing we bought the iPad for, thank you for filling a much needed app gap, looking forward to whatever delights come next.”