Hippotrix design playful app experiences!

App Development company designing engaging interactive products for a range of clients; and focussing on Hippotrix brand digital toys for kids, which stimulate learning and self-expression through exploratory play

Hippotrix provide young people and parents with easily accessible, interactive toys, which generate opportunities to explore and learn through calm, gentle play.  We combine stimulating visuals, inventive soundscapes and creative interactions.


“Don’t miss this little gem that really pushes the format of the standard app”


A very good app. More like a toy than a traditional kids app


An effective way to stimulate thinking & discussion through active learning. Perfect for the foundation stage classroom, as children explore the seasons in an engaging & open ended way.”

Caroline Minchin. Foundation stage teacher

“lots of inventive touchscreen interaction….very impressed”

Stuart Dredge

My 7-year old son has been playing it the last few days, and as opposed to his demeanor after one of his high-energy, high-scoring games, he looks as peaceful as a Buddhist monk after playing Hippo Seasons

Cool Mom Tech

I thought the venture was fantastic. I look forward to playing the app!

John Swinney MSP

“Effie enjoyed the experience! It was brilliant to see how much she enjoyed playing, particularly the cause and effect relationship. I could see the app keeping her entertained quite often!”

Imogen, psychologist & mum to Effie aged 19 months

“5/5 Hippotrix have excelled themselves and delivered a really high quality app”


The app as a whole is amazingly fun. We all enjoyed it immensely and cannot recommend it enough. Please go and download it folks, if you have young children ….. you will not be disappointed.”


The way you use it can adapt to grow with your children, so this app has a really long lifespan

Capptivated Kids

Ideal for calming younger children. It could become part of your little one’s nap routine